Saturday, August 15, 2009



Oil demand continues to increase because of growing population and progress of all technology sectors. In addition, the demand for industrial chemicals in the world go exponentially. Similarly the demand for reforming the industry to make hydrogen. Meanwhile, the oil runs out and the fossil fuel type is not classified Renewable Energy. Request with the law and pull out the cost of all activities including the procurement of multi-sectoral BBA (alternative fuel) and the procurement of all technology, especially transportation increased. Practical strength of the long transport to Indonesia supports all the activities decreased. To overcome this approach is done through re resilience Energy Roadmap Indonesia to ensure the transportation of energy availability. Technology Roadmap method as a tool in forecasting stratejik technology to identify key technologies and policies that must be made and the steps that must be made to apply technology every time. Roadmap in phases are short-term and middle-long reduction in the use of fuels (fossil fuels) with a BBA and BBA with hydrogen. At the same time a reduction in the LPG Hidogen and transportation in the year 2025 using hydrogen.


Energy Sector Roadmap Bio Diesel
Energy Sector Roadmap Bio-ethanol
Energy Sector Roadmap Bio-oil (Pirolisa)
Roadmap Sector Fuel & Gas solid from Biomassa
Geothermal Energy Sector Roadmap
Energy Sector Roadmap wind
Sector Roadmap micro hydro
Energy Sector Roadmap photovoltaic
Surya Thermal Sector Roadmap
Energy Sector Roadmap Ocean waves
Energy Sector Roadmap hydrogen / Fuel Cell
Roadmap nuclear energy industry
Coal Energy Sector Roadmap
Gas Sector Roadmap
Roadmap Energy Conservation
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